Heart health support

Blood test + 4-week plan

Want to support your heart health and wellbeing? We help you create lifelong habits with a personalised plan that focuses on supporting your:

  • heart health
  • sleep and diet
  • activity and stress levels


Your personalised plan includes:

Cholesterol blood test results normal range

A blood test

Understand how your heart is doing with a blood test. Get your results on the Thriva app in 48 hours. Your results determine what’s included in your 4-week plan.

High-intensity workout and recipe advice

Daily activities

Based on your health profile and blood test results, you'll get 4-weeks' worth of in-app workout videos, meditation videos, educational content, and recipes to support your heart health.

GP tips to improve heart health

Tracking and support

Check your progress on the Thriva app with personalised tasks and accurate heart health information. You can also track your mood and diet each day.

My cholesterol levels have always been on the high side. My motivation is to stay off medication for as long as possible — Thriva’s plan is helping me do this with my diet, mental wellbeing, and exercise.
Rebecca, Health plan user

Why support your heart?

Your heart is one of the most important organs in your body. No matter your age, you can benefit by looking after your heart today. This plan helps you create healthy habits to support your heart and improve your general health and wellbeing. 

This plan is particularly suitable if you have:

  • high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or high HbA1c levels

It might also help if you:

  • have a poor diet, smoke, or suffer from stress
  • sleep less than 6 hours a night
  • spend lots of time sitting down and don't exercise regularly

This plan doesn’t diagnose, treat, or monitor existing conditions. It also includes videos for exercises of varying intensity.

Check with your GP before starting this plan if:

  • exercise might be dangerous for you
  • you've ever had a heart attack
  • you have congestive heart failure, chest pains, or uncontrolled hypertension
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How it works

You'll be encouraged to make small, positive changes today to improve things like your energy or sleep — and benefit your heart in the long run.

Cholesterol levels range on sliding scale

Do your blood test

Your blood test looks at the most important aspects of your heart health. The results will inform your plan with detailed insights about your heart health.

Recipe advice on iPhone

Start your plan

You'll receive daily tasks to create healthier habits over 4 weeks. Think personalised recipes, workouts, educational heart health information, and meditations to improve your health.

Progress screen on app

Create lifelong change

Check in every day on the Thriva app to complete your tasks and see your progress as you go.

Well done screen on app

Become your own expert

You’ll also get the best doctor-led insights and information about looking after your heart — so you can continue to support your health long after the plan is complete.

Made by our doctors

Our team of medical experts build your plan based on your blood test results and health profile. It means you get expert medical advice in an actionable health plan that's tailored to your needs.

Thriva doctors — Macarena, Noel, and Vishal
80% of all chronic conditions are preventable — this includes heart disease. That’s why we put this plan together, to help people take control of their heart health today. This plan is for everyone — adopting healthy habits even if your cholesterol levels are normal can make a difference down the line
Dr Macarena Staudenmaier, M.D., MSc.

What's included in your blood test?

We help you understand your cholesterol levels, liver function, diabetes risk and more with a blood test and a full GP report.



Cholesterol is essential for health, but high levels are linked to an increased risk of heart disease.

This test checks your:
LDL cholesterol — high amounts of this circulating in your blood can lead to a build-up of fatty deposits on your arteries
- HDL cholesterol — helps your body get rid of excess LDL (which helps protect against heart disease)
- total cholesterol — your HDL and non-HDL levels combined
- non-HDL cholesterol — helps check your VLDL cholesterol levels (linked to a build-up of plaque on your arteries)
- triglycerides — another type of fat that can increase your heart disease risk if raised



Apolipoproteins are proteins that transport fats in your blood.

This test measures your:
- apo A1 — the main protein found in HDL cholesterol (protect against heart disease)
- apo B — the main type of protein found in lipoproteins like LDL cholesterol (linked to an increased risk of heart disease)

Combined with your cholesterol levels, this gives you detailed insights into your heart disease risk.



C-reactive protein (CRP) is a protein in your blood that increases when there’s inflammation in your body. If you’re experiencing chronic inflammation, it's thought to play a big role in the development of many diseases, like heart disease.

A high sensitivity CRP (hs-CRP) test can detect these low levels of inflammation.


HbA1c (diabetes risk)

Raised blood sugars are linked to an increased risk of heart disease. An HbA1c test checks your average blood sugars over the last 3 months.


Liver function

Poor liver health can increase the inflammation in your body — increasing your risk of heart disease.

This test checks for signs of liver inflammation or damage by measuring a range of things in your blood like proteins, liver enzymes, and bilirubin.


Kidney function

Your heart and kidney health are closely related.

If your kidneys aren’t functioning correctly, it increases your risk of heart disease.

Similarly, things like high blood pressure can put a strain on your kidneys. This test checks your kidney function by measuring your creatinine and eGFR levels.

How does your blood test work?

Blood test kit illustration

Do your test

Your kit arrives in 1-2 days. Find out how to collect your sample at home. You’ll need to fill 2 tubes for this test — around 10 drops of blood.

Thrivaling on computer

Get results in 48 hours

Free post your sample to our lab and get your results in 48 hours. Access your GP-reviewed report in your results dashboard.

Clipboard with omega-3 and vitamin D

Understand your heart health

Follow your heart health plan with workouts, recipes, and form new habits based on your results. Plus you can access all our articles, podcasts, and recipes.

Start creating heart-healthy habits today

Learn about your heart health and what you can do to support it with a 4-week plan.

Want to know more?


Data protection

Your data is in safe hands. We use the latest encryption technologies and take our Data Protection obligations seriously.


Can you access your health plan after 4 weeks?

Yes, you can continue to access your plan after the 4 weeks and see your progress report of what you achieved.


What's in your test kit?

Your Thriva test kit includes:

- collection tube(s)

- plaster x 2

- return form x 1

- alcohol swab x 1

- lancet x 3

- prepaid envelope x 1

- cleansing wipe x 1

- collection tube label(s)

- protective plastic case x 1


When should you do the blood test?

For the best results, we’d recommend doing the test at the beginning of your plan so we can tailor the plan to your results. If you’ve tested these things recently, you might like to do it at the end to measure your progress.

We advise waiting 2-3 months between blood tests — it's enough time to see a change in your blood results.


How long does it take to get your blood test results?

Understanding your health should be quick and easy. That’s why our doctors share your results within 48 hours. And you can access your data at any time.


How do you collect your sample at home?

Learn how to collect your finger-prick blood sample at home by following our instructions. You can access these on the app too. It takes around 30 minutes to complete the process at home.


Will a GP write your report?

Our doctors review your blood test results and upload a detailed report to your account dashboard. They also give you advice to help support your health or manage an existing condition.


How long does it take to get your results?

Understanding your health should be quick and easy. That’s why our doctors share your results within 48 hours. And you can access your data at any time.


How will you know when your results are ready?

We’ll email or text you to let you know your blood samples have been received, processed, and are ready to view on your results dashboard.