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Understand what's really going on inside your body with smart finger-prick blood tests you take at home

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Your blood is amazing

We've made it easy for you to access and track the data that really matters when it comes to health. We'll then help you improve with personalised advice and you can track your progress with your online dashboard

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Get your Thriva kit

Order your test online and create your account with some basic information. We will then send your kit and it will arrive next working day through your letterbox.


Perform your test

Each kit contains everything you need for your simple finger-prick blood test. When you're done, use the freepost envelope and pop it in a letterbox to our partner lab. They'll handle the analysis before sending the results to us for review by a qualified GP.

Perform the test

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Your bespoke report will be created by a qualified GP and you can login to your secure dashboard to review your results at any time. We make it really clear what the results actually mean and we'll explain exactly what you need to do to improve.

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Detailed health
Proactivity means prevention

Everyone knows 'prevention is better than cure'. We give you a clear picture of what's happening inside your body and exactly what you can do to improve your health or just stay on track.

Track your health over time

Track your health over time and see how day-to-day changes are having an impact. Prioritising your health and maintaining motivation is that much easier when you can see how your body is actually responding.

Gp feedback
GP feedback

Your test results are always reviewed by a qualified GP on the Thriva platform to ensure you're getting the best advice. We've also partnered with the UK's largest independent pathology lab to process your results. They're CPA accredited and process thousands of tests every day. You can view more details about our lab here.


We care about your privacy and so we take security very seriously. We use the latest encryption technologies and never share your data with anyone other than our GPs who review your results within our platform. You can log in to your secure dashboard anytime to review your results. If you do wish to share them you can export the data from your dashboard.

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