Our mission

We started Thriva in 2016 with the aim of building the world's first preventative health service.

There is no simple and convenient way to track what's really going on inside your body which means most people are forced to wait until something goes wrong until they can react - we want to change that.


By increasing convenience, ease and insightfulness, we're providing the products and services that will empower people to proactively manage their health. Once you know what's going on inside your body, you can understand the impact of your lifestyle on your health and start to make small changes that add up to a healthier you.

Built for you

Everything we build will be developed around our customers, the problems they face and the solutions we can offer. We love hearing your feedback and are always trying to improve.

Security & Privacy

You will never have to worry that your data is being stored inappropriately, managed badly or shared with anyone it shouldn't be. We take security very seriously and work hard to make sure you have complete control over your data.


We'll only ever work with the best partners who use the best, most accurate and most proven technology. You can always be confident that the data you are presented with has been carefully and accurately produced.

We'll never stop trying to improve what we're doing and if you have a suggestion on what we could be doing better, contact us at hello@thriva.co