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Track how some of the key indicators of your internal health are changing over time. Manage your risk factors and improve wellness.

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Monitor health risks you can't feel

It's important to start monitoring your risk factors now. It's much easier to make small changes early on than big ones in the future.

Prevent problems before they occur

Don't wait until you start feeling ill before you start thinking about your health. Thriva lets you take control so that you can manage your health proactively.

Track progress towards your goals

Whether it's improving weight loss, increasing energy, monitoring risk, or anything else, make sure that your body is not holding you back by tracking the things that matter.

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How Thriva works


Get your Thriva kit

When each test is due, we'll send you a Thriva kit in the post containing everything you need to collect your sample at home.

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Fast results

We typically produce results in under 48 hours along with recommendations from one of our qualified GPs.


Track changes over time

Be proactive about your health - track changes in your risk profile and wellness and understand how day-to-day changes have an effect on various results.

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