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Feeling fatigued? A home blood test could help identify what’s affecting your energy levels with free insights and GP advice.

What can a blood test tell you about your energy levels?

While changes in your energy levels are normal, long periods of tiredness might be a sign that something else is going on. A lot of factors can affect your energy levels — from hormones levels to a nutrient deficiency. 

Get the insights you need to improve your energy levels with a finger-prick home blood test, GP-reviewed results, and evidence-based advice.

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Blood tests related to energy



Your body uses iron to make haemoglobin — a part of red blood cells that carries oxygen around your body. If you don't get enough iron you might develop iron deficiency anaemia. Tiredness, shortness of breath, and heart palpitations are signs you might be deficient.


Vitamin B12 and vitamin B9

Vitamin B12 and vitamin B9 (folate) are essential for good energy levels. This is because low levels can cause anaemia — where you can't properly transport oxygen around your body. This can cause extreme tiredness.


Vitamin D

Vitamin D is thought to help support your mitochondria — the "powerhouses" in your cells that produce energy for your body to use. If you’re deficient in vitamin D, you might feel very tired and have low mood.


Liver function

Your liver plays a key role in breaking down food into energy. So if your liver isn't functioning correctly it can cause low energy levels and sleep problems. You might find that you feel very tired during the day and need to nap.



Testosterone plays a role in red blood cell production — which is important for energy. Low testosterone levels are linked to anaemia, which can lead to tiredness and fatigue. 



A HbA1c test measures your average blood glucose levels over the last 3 months. Normal to optimal HbA1c levels are linked to better energy levels.

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Understand your body

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Get free insights

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Your sample will be analysed by a CQC-registered and UKAS accredited lab. This finger-prick test and kit are CE-marked.

Feeling low on energy?

A finger-prick blood test can help you understand the factors that affect your energy levels.

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