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Premium magnesium supplement 67 mg magnesium bisglycinate High-quality, plant-based supplement Helps manage stress Promotes muscle function and recovery Reduces PMS symptoms Improves sleep quality
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Ruth Davies, Thriva user
“I chose magnesium because I suffer quite badly with PMS and period symptoms. Since taking Thriva’s supplements, I’ve noticed a reduction in my menstrual headaches. I trust Thriva to produce high-quality supplements that contain what they say they do.”

Magnesium puts your stress to sleep

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Reduce your insulin resistance

Magnesium can help with insulin resistance and regulate your blood sugar levels.

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Help PMS symptoms

Magnesium can reduce negative thoughts, bloating, stress, and other symptoms of PMS.

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Promote heart health

Magnesium can help lower blood pressure if you suffer from high blood pressure.

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Improve your sleep

Magnesium can reduce insomnia and help you get a better night’s sleep, especially as you get older.

“Magnesium is one of your body’s most important nutrients.

Studies suggest between 10-30% of us are deficient. Magnesium deficiency is linked to diseases, like heart disease, diabetes, and depression. And can impact your sleep and stress.

Evidence suggests you can manage your stress and sleep levels with a magnesium supplement like Thriva’s.”

— Vishal Shah MBBS MA (Cantab) MRCGP

Chief Medical Officer

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Stop guessing, start tracking your supplements

There are a lot of things that could be causing you to feel low energy, insomnia, or anything else a magnesium supplement can help with. A sleep quality test can help you understand your symptoms better.

We’ll offer you a 10% discount on your first blood test after you purchase your supplements.

We’ll also send you some expert advice from a GP on what steps to take next.

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