How it works

Thriva's personalised blood testing programme empowers you with knowledge about exactly what’s going on inside your body, and what to do to improve. So you can feel great, perform at your best, and stay healthier as you age.

Getting started

1. Get personalised blood test recommendations

Take our health quiz so we can recommend a starting set of blood tests most relevant to you and your goals. You’re free to make edits if there’s anything specific you want to test.

2. Take your first test

Your test kit will arrive quickly in the post. Follow the enclosed instructions to collect your sample using a simple finger-prick, then free-post it back to our labs.

3. Get your baseline results

See your first set of blood results in our app, and find out how close you are to optimal across your chosen health markers. Results come with a written report explaining what they mean for your health and longevity.

Learn more about optimal ranges

The power of health tracking

  • Take action
    Our health is hugely modifiable through targeted lifestyle changes. With Thriva you’ll get personalised next steps relating to diet, supplementation, exercise, sleep, and more.
  • Track over time
    To optimise your health effectively, you need to track it over time. This helps you adjust your lifestyle without guesswork. On our programme you can choose to test every 3 or 6 months.
  • Choose your next tests
    We will make clinically-backed recommendations about what to test next, based on your past results and information in your Thriva health profile.
  • See your results improve
    Trend charts in the Thriva app will show how your results are evolving and improving. To maximise your healthspan and longevity, work to bring your results into the optimal ranges.
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