Advanced longevity blood test

Assess advanced markers of cardiovascular, metabolic, neurological and musculoskeletal health to set your baselines for healthspan optimisation.


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Set your longevity & healthspan baselines

Gain a deep understanding of your cardiovascular and metabolic health, plus key nutrient markers related to nervous system and muscloskeletal health, with this test. Set your baselines across biomarkers proven to have links with healthspan - like ApoB, triglycerides, HbA1c, hs-CRP, B vitamins, and liver health markers. Track improvements over time, with detailed trend tracking in the Thriva app.

Test. Learn. Act. Thrive.

Feel your best day-to-day, get advance warning of chronic disease, and live healthier for longer with Thriva's in-depth biomarker analysis. Get personalised optimisation recommendations from our doctors - based on your results and geared specifically towards your age, sex, health goals, diet, activity levels, family history and more. Track your progress over time with detailed trend charts. 82% of Thriva users improve their health by their second blood test.

What's covered in this blood test?

Cholesterol & apolipoproteins (including ApoB)

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ApoB is one of the strongest indicators of cardiovascular risk, and is a much better predictor than measuring cholesterol alone. Your ApoB levels indicate the total amount of atherogenic particles that can contribute to arterial plaque buildup, leading to cardiovascular disease - a major contributor to reduced healthspan & lifespan. This test also measures LDL, HDL, triglycerides and ApoA1.


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HbA1c serves as an indicator for long-term blood glucose levels, and is a key marker of metabolic health. Elevated levels are linked to cardiovascular diseases and metabolic syndrome, impacting longevity and healthspan. Monitoring HbA1c allows for timely interventions to mitigate health risks.

Liver profile

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Liver health is vital for longevity and healthspan as it plays key roles in metabolism, detoxification, and nutrient storage. A healthy liver helps maintain balanced blood sugar and cholesterol levels, reducing risks of metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular diseases. Monitoring liver health allows for early intervention.

Vitamin D

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Vitamin D is important for musculoskeletal health, immune function, and inflammation reduction. Adequate levels are linked to lower risks of chronic diseases, including cardiovascular issues, osteoporosis, and some cancers, thereby potentially improving longevity and healthspan. Monitoring vitamin D can guide supplementation and lifestyle changes.

Vitamin B9 and B12 (active)

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Vitamin B12 and B9 (Folate) are essential for cellular metabolism, DNA synthesis, and red blood cell formation. Deficiencies can lead to anaemia, cognitive decline, and elevated levels of homocysteine, a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Adequate levels support neurological function and general well-being, impacting longevity and healthspan.


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Ferritin serves as an indicator of iron storage in the body. Low levels can lead to anaemia, fatigue, and decreased immune function. High levels may indicate inflammation, liver disease, or iron overload, which can be detrimental to organ function. Balanced ferritin levels support optimal overall health.

C-reactive protein (hs-CRP)

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CRP is a marker of inflammation. Elevated levels are linked to higher risks of chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease and cancer, which can affect longevity and healthspan. Low CRP levels are generally considered indicative of better health and potentially longer life.


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Creatinine is a waste product from muscle metabolism, and its levels are a measure of kidney function. Elevated creatinine can indicate kidney issues, which are linked to reduced longevity and poorer health outcomes. Lower, stable levels suggest better kidney health and potentially a longer, healthier life.

Collection method

Your test kit contains everything you need to collect your sample at home. Our instructions will guide you through it.

How it works

Do your test

Do your test

Your kit arrives in 2-4 days. Find out how to collect your sample at home.

Get fast, accurate results

Get fast, accurate results

Free post your sample to our lab and get your results in as little as 48 hours. Access your GP-reviewed report in your results dashboard.

Take action to improve

Take action to improve

Our doctors will give you evidence-based advice to help you support your long-term health based on your results.

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What's included in your home testing kit?

Your Thriva test kit includes:

- collection tube(s)

- plaster x 2

- return form x 1

- alcohol swab x 1

- lancet x 3

- prepaid envelope x 1

- cleansing wipe x 1

- collection tube label(s)

- protective plastic case x 1


How to collect your sample at home

Learn how to collect your finger-prick blood sample at home by following our instructions. You can access these on the app too. It takes around 30 minutes to complete the process at home.


Will a GP write your report?

Our doctors always review and explain your blood test results. View them in a detailed report on your account dashboard. You'll also get advice to help support your health or manage an existing condition.


How long does it take to get your results?

Our doctors aim to upload your results report to your account dashboard within 48 hours from the lab receiving your sample. Tests containing Omega-3 & 6 have a 10-day turnaround time after posting your sample.


How do you know when your results are ready?

We’ll email or text you to let you know your blood samples have been received, processed, and are ready to view on your results dashboard.

What else do you get?

Get a personalised plan to improve, maintain, or develop healthy habits for life. Access on your dashboard.