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Understand your internal health, stay ahead of chronic diseases, and extend your healthspan with home blood tests and actionable next steps.

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Knowing what’s happening inside your body, and what to do to improve, means living in better health for longer.

Understand your health

Learn how your lifestyle affects your body by checking key health markers. You can access your data at any time.

Make lasting changes

Take action to support your health with trusted GP advice — from personalised lifestyle changes to supplements.

See your results improve

Track your progress over time with detailed trend charts. 82% of Thriva users improve their health by their second blood test.

How does it work?

Checking what’s happening inside your body is quick and easy — do it from the comfort of your home. We help you understand your health in 3 simple steps:

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Pick your blood tests

Not sure which test to take? Take our quiz and we’ll help you understand how to reach your goals.

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Do your test

Your blood test kit arrives within 2-4 days, along with instructions on how to take your sample. Post it back to one of our labs for free.

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Get fast, accurate results

You'll get a GP-reviewed report and personalised recommendations to improve or maintain your results.

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Get a detailed report with GP advice

Our NHS-registered doctors send your report in as little as 48 hours. This includes a detailed breakdown of your results and where they fall compared to normal or optimal ranges, plus advice on how to improve them.

Why use Thriva?

Whether you want to check your cholesterol levels, manage an existing health condition, or learn how to improve your lifestyle, get clear blood testing insights to make lasting health changes.



Low energy levels are often linked to a nutrient deficiency, an underactive thyroid, or a hormonal imbalance. Certain health conditions, like diabetes, might also cause low energy levels.



Nutrients, your liver health, and certain hormones play a big role in how you perform and recover from exercise. They can also affect your sleep — which is one of the most important things for helping your muscles repair themselves.


Long-term health

These tests are useful indicators of your heart and bone health, as well as your diabetes risk. And because you’re more at risk of some nutrient deficiencies with age, like vitamin B12, it’s a good idea to monitor these.



Feeling low, irritable, or finding it hard to concentrate are often linked to nutrient deficiencies and hormonal imbalances. They might also increase your risk of developing a mental health condition, like anxiety or depression.



Sleep problems, like trouble falling asleep or waking up a lot, are often linked to nutrient deficiencies, liver health, or certain health conditions. Poor sleep can also increase inflammation in your body, which you can check with a CRP test.


Weight management

Finding it hard to lose weight or putting on weight for no reason is sometimes linked to an underactive thyroid or low levels of the hormone testosterone. If you do carry some excess weight, it’s also worth checking your liver health and diabetes risk.

You're in safe hands

Experienced doctors

Experienced doctors

We work closely with our team of experienced doctors to make sure everything we do is safe and based on the latest research.

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Data protection

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Our blood testing kits are CE-marked, and we work with UKAS-accredited labs that are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

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