Trude's story

"I decided to take my health into my own hands. It’s given me peace of mind."

Trude's story

For most of my life, I was relatively OK with my health. But one day, I started getting flu-like symptoms that made me feel very tired and unwell — I had no idea what could be causing them, and they were affecting my day to day life. My GP couldn't come to a conclusion either and I never really understood the sheet of results they gave me.

Naturally, I was concerned. I didn't know what the cause could be. I decided it would be more helpful for me to do my own blood tests and take my health into my own hands.

A worthwhile process

It took me a couple of weeks from receiving my Thriva kit in the post to actually doing it. I think people can be reluctant to do blood tests because they can be anxious about the results might be — but it’s so worthwhile.

I felt relieved when I saw my results. I was expecting some horrible results because of my symptoms! But I was pleasantly surprised to see that they weren’t too bad at all. I had a vitamin D deficiency, which is quite common, and ordered myself a strong, quality supplement. I’ve been using them ever since and now feel much, much better.

“I didn’t know symptoms like mine could be caused by some vitamin and mineral deficiencies.”

With Thriva, I could actually understand the results I received in my dashboard and the information about each result was clearly explained. They were reviewed by a registered GP, which put me at ease. If anything was really wrong with me, the GP would have pointed it out. It’s given me peace of mind. 

I found the diet and supplement recommendations really useful. I knew a little bit about nutrition before I tried Thriva, but not tons.

“Seeing the results made me so much more conscious of my diet and how it relates to my health.”

Kept in the loop

What surprised me was the simplicity of the whole process and the way the kit was laid out. Communication was great as well. I knew exactly when my kit was being sent out, when my sample reached the lab, and when my results were ready. 

I’ve now recommended Thriva to my sister, to my mum, to work people… to loads of people!

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