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Low energy levels are often linked to a nutrient deficiency, an underactive thyroid, or a hormonal imbalance. Certain health conditions, like diabetes, might also cause low energy levels.

Tests related to Energy

IronTestosteroneDiabetes (HbA1c)ThyroidVitamin B9 & B12Vitamin D


Nutrients, your liver function, and certain hormones play a big role in how you perform and recover from exercise. They can also affect your sleep — which is one of the most important things for helping your muscles repair themselves.

Tests related to Fitness

IronTestosteroneLiver functionVitamin B9 & B12Vitamin D

Long-term health

These tests are useful indicators of your heart and bone health, as well as your diabetes risk. And because you’re more at risk of some nutrient deficiencies with age, like vitamin B12, it’s a good idea to monitor these.

Tests related to Long-term health

IronTestosteroneDiabetes (HbA1c)CholesterolLiver functionOmega-3 & 6ThyroidVitamin B9 & B12Vitamin D


Feeling low, irritable, or finding it hard to concentrate are often linked to nutrient deficiencies and hormonal imbalances. They might also increase your risk of developing a mental health condition, like anxiety or depression.

Tests related to Mood

TestosteroneLiver functionOmega-3 & 6ThyroidVitamin B9 & B12Vitamin D


Sleep problems, like trouble falling asleep or waking up a lot, are often linked to nutrient deficiencies, liver function, or certain health conditions. Poor sleep can also increase the inflammation in your body, which you can check with a CRP test.

Tests related to Sleep

IronCRPTestosteroneDiabetes (HbA1c)Liver functionOmega-3 & 6Vitamin B9 & B12Vitamin D

Weight management

Finding it hard to lose weight or putting on weight for no reason is sometimes linked to an underactive thyroid or low levels of the hormone testosterone. If you do carry some excess weight, it’s also worth checking your liver function and diabetes risk.

Tests related to Weight management

TestosteroneDiabetes (HbA1c)Liver functionOmega-3 & 6Thyroid

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