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Upload any past blood test results for free, whether they’re from a GP or private clinic. Understand what your results mean, how they connect to your lifestyle, and how they’ve been changing over time.

You can add results for over 11 different test profiles — including cholesterol, vitamin D, and liver function.

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“Adding your own results is a great way to keep important information about your health organised and safe. This will help you track changes over time and build a more complete picture of your health. Plus, you’ll be able to learn more about how your results relate to your health and what lifestyle factors affect them.”

Dr. Vishal Shah, Medical Director

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What test results can I upload?

You can add results for over 11 different test profiles — including cholesterol, vitamin D, vitamin B12, liver function, thyroid function, and testosterone. See all tests


Can I add results from outside of the UK?

Yes, you can add results from all over the world. Sometimes, the unit of measurement might be different (even within the UK), but we’ll convert your units to the ones we use (defined by our third-party lab).


How will my results be interpreted?

You can see where your result sits on a reference range — this shows you if your levels are normal, optimal, or out of range. If you have multiple results for the same test, we’ll plot this on a trend graph so you can see how it’s changing over time.


What format do my results need to be in?

Your results can be in any format. When adding a result, you’ll need to select the unit of measurement. If this unit is different from what we use, we’ll convert it for you.


What do you do with my results data?

Your information will only ever be used in line with data protection laws. In particular, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Read our privacy policy


Do you offer any personalised support?

No, as these results haven’t come from us, our doctors can’t provide you with any personalised insights. But you will be able to access information on what your results mean and what lifestyle factors affect them. Plus, you’ll get a free health score.


Are there any hidden charges?

Adding your own results is completely free and there are no hidden charges. If you’d like to do a blood test with us, then prices start from £24 — currently only available within the UK.

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Your data is in safe hands. We use the latest encryption technologies and continually assess our GDPR-compliance.