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Kickstart your membership with an at-home finger-prick blood test. You can choose from a wide range of health markers — specific health indicators in your blood that tell you about your body.

What can a blood test tell me?Accordion chevron

Your blood test results come with a personalised online report from an NHS GP.

Depending on which health markers (indicators in your blood that tell you about your health) you pick, this will help you understand what's going on inside.

We recommend testing regularly to see the impact lifestyle changes are having on your health, whether it's your nutrition, your fitness or you're monitoring a condition.


Choose your membership

Select a monthly membership or a yearly one. You'll earn Thriva+ tokens with your membership to get more tests or supplements.

What's included in my membership?Accordion chevron
  • Tokens to spend across discounted tests, supplements, and consultations
  • 10% off blood tests and supplements
  • Personalised in-app action plan with recipes and workout videos based on your results
  • Advice from NHS doctors
  • Access to specialist consultations

Unlock a healthier you

Once you've purchased your Thriva+ membership, you'll get instant access to our exclusive in-app experience and you can get started with your first test.

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How do you protect my data and health information?

Your data is in safe hands. We use the latest encryption technologies and continually assess our GDPR compliance.


Can I access Thriva+ on web?

Thriva+ is only accessible using the app. If you have signed up and don’t have access to a mobile device, please contact our CX team:


How often do I have to pay?

You can choose between a monthly membership or yearly membership. 

  • A MONTHLY membership will be billed once a month. 
  • A YEARLY membership is paid upfront annually.
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