Menopause Test

Understand your hormones

Check your hormone levels and see if they’re in the menopausal range. This test will also check for any thyroid problems — which can mimic the symptoms of menopause.

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What can a menopause test tell you?

This test can tell you if your hormones are in the menopausal range. It also makes sure that a thyroid disorder isn’t the cause of your symptoms. Your bones can become weaker as you start transitioning into menopause so this test also measures your vitamin D levels — which is important for your bone health.

Based on your results, you’ll get personalised help and advice from a UK qualified GP. In some cases, a GP might recommend retesting your FSH levels, 4-6 weeks later, since this can fluctuate a lot leading up to menopause.

If your periods have stopped you can do your test at any time. If you still have periods, you need to do your test on day 3 of your period.

Simple, home testing

Do a finger-prick blood test from the comfort of your own home and get your results in 48 hours. No big needles, appointments or time off required.

Results you can trust

We use the same accredited labs and methods to test your blood as the NHS. Your results will always be reviewed by a UK qualified GP.

Personalised advice

Personalised online reports and evidence-based advice on how you can make positive changes. Track your progress over time.

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