Support during COVID-19

We're here to keep you informed about COVID-19 and support you in any way we can so you can stay on top of your health.

A message from our founders

We’re currently looking at all the ways we can help you during this pandemic. Firstly, our service is running as normal. We believe our mission of putting better health in your hands is as important as ever. And we want to help you continue to prioritise your health during this time.

We know that testing for this on a mass scale is extremely important, so we’re also in talks with the government and our partners about providing help where we can.

Tom, Hamish, and Eliot

Can you test your immune function?

Certain nutrients like vitamin D, vitamin B9, and iron, do help support your immune function. These are tests we already offer as they provide valuable information about many aspects of your health.

But your immune system is incredibly complex, so there’s no easy set of tests which will measure your immunity. Even if your results are normal, it doesn’t mean that it will prevent you from contracting COVID-19. The only evidence-based way of preventing yourself from becoming infected is by avoiding exposure.

Vishal Shah, Medical Director

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Is Thriva still fully operational?

Yes, we will remain fully operational during this pandemic. So you can order new tests and return tests at all times.


Will the labs you work with be affected?

Our labs are running as normal. We’ve partnered with a few of the UK's best private pathology labs to process all our blood tests. They’re still fully operational and focused on continuing to deliver a critical service during this time. Some of these labs also work with the NHS. But the testing they provide for us doesn’t impact the healthcare service negatively in any way.


Will the fulfilment partners you work with be affected?

Our UK-based fulfilment partner, responsible for packing and posting our home finger-prick test kits, are still fully operational. They primarily work with medical device fulfilment, so they’re regulated for these activities and are considered key workers.


Can I still return my completed test in the post?

Our deliveries are carried out by Royal Mail who will continue to operate during COVID-19. They’re working hard to provide their usual delivery service, but it’s likely that there will be some delays. So we recommend you only do your test on a Monday or Tuesday and to use a priority post box if you have access to one. Your kit might also take longer than 1-3 working days to arrive to you.


Can I delay my next test because of this outbreak?

Yes, of course — you can always delay your next test. We can support you in other ways, like sharing the latest evidence-based information on how to look after yourself and your loved ones. Manage your subscription


Can I do my test if I’m feeling unwell?

If you're worried that you have COVID-19, avoid doing your Thriva blood test and follow the advice provided by the NHS. Once you're feeling better and have been symptom-free for 14 days, you can do your test.

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