Thriva Platform

A fully integrated diagnostics solution, powering the needs of your organisation. With our customisable platform, you can integrate any of the following services into your own business: 

1. Ordering and payment 

2. Labs

3. Results and reports 

4. Fulfilment 

What services can you access through this platform?

Plug and play any of these services into your own business with our integrated platform. Choose from:

Ordering and payment



Results and reports

How it works

Get set up

Access our API to develop a custom healthcare solution. Use our developer portal where you'll find all the information you need to integrate the API into your platform.

Choose your services

Choose from a range of technology and services to help you create your ideal user experience. See services you can choose from below.

Integrate services

We’ll handle everything from fulfilment, distribution, laboratories, and reporting so that you can spend more time with the people you support.

What does each service include?


Ordering and payment

  • order kits without sharing any patient details — ideal for research studies.
  • choose from an extensive and growing range of test profiles and biomarkers to order for each individual test
  • competitive prices


  • CE-marked home testing kits
  • venous draw testing 
  • industry-leading process rates (24-48 hours)
  • ISO-accredited distribution partners to source components, build kits, and fulfil at scale 
  • outstanding customer service with a 93% satisfaction and rapid response rates


  • integrated with multiple UKAS-accredited CQC-regulated laboratories 
  • ability to scale 
  • wide variety of biomarkers 
  • rigorous quality-control and sample accuracy

Results and reports

  • test status changes throughout the test cycle allowing reporting and quick response to failure

Access the developer portal

Our extensive API documentation, including specifications, guides and code samples, is available via a developer portal. This will provide you with all the details to integrate the platform within your own system.


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