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We’re here to put better health in your hands, by helping you take control. With predicted blood results, instantly find out more about what’s going on inside your body.

What can you find out?

We can predict your blood results with95% accuracy for 12 different tests— including cholesterol, liver function, iron, and HbA1c (diabetes indicator). This gives you a snapshot of your internal health without doing one of our standard blood tests.

How predicted results work

“Over the last 3 years, we’ve built up an anonymised data set of over 800,000 tests results. Using machine learning (a type of artificial intelligence), we can now look at the relationship between these results and health and lifestyle factors. This lets us predict your results, with a 95% chance that your true blood results will fall in the predicted range.”

Leo Morgan, Data Scientist at Thriva

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Can I trust predicted results?

Valuable information about your health isn’t always easy to access, so we’re incredibly excited to release an innovative feature that has strong evidence to support it.

This feature has been created by our team of data scientists and NHS doctors. We also work closely with regulatory bodies like the MHRA to make sure everything we do is safe. Our top priority across everything we do is to provide clinically valid and accurate information — predicted results are no exception.


How accurate are my predicted results?

There’s a 95% chance your true result lies within our predicted range. This means that for every 100 predictions we make, we expect 95 to fall inside the predicted range, and 5 to fall outside.

As with any prediction, there’s a small chance that your true result is different from what we predict. The only way to get a full view of your health is to take a blood test.


How do you keep my data secure?

Your data is extremely personal and private to you. We use the latest encryption technologies and take our Data Protection obligations seriously. We never use or share any individual customer data internally or with third parties.

We remove all sensitive and identifying information so all customer data is 100% anonymised. Analysing large anonymised data sets means we can provide you with meaningful health insights, like predicting your results without ever having to do a blood test.


Can I do a blood test instead?

Yes, you can buy one of our blood tests at any time — whether or not you want to get you results predicted. Create your personalised blood test


Can I talk to you about my predicted results?

Yes, you can speak to our customer experience team if you have any questions or require additional support.


What will I get access to if I sign up?

We know the cost of private tests means it’s not always possible for everyone to pay for our blood tests. Which is why you can now sign up and use many of our features for free — including predicted results. You can also find out more about each test and how it affects your health, as well as general advice on how to improve your results.

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Your data is in safe hands. We use the latest encryption technologies and continually assess our GDPR-compliance.