Find out when Mounjaro will be available in the UK, and whether you can get it on the NHS, in this article.

In November 2023, the MHRA (UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) licensed Mounjaro for weight management and weight loss. Previously it had been  used to treat Type 2 diabetes, but it has now been approved for use by patients with obesity or excess weight with weight-related health issues such as high blood pressure.

The active ingredient in Mounjaro - tirzepatide - has proven highly effective in managing appetite and promoting weight loss. One study has shown Mounjaro to support weight loss of 25% on average after 88 weeks of use.

When can I get Mounjaro in the UK?

Once it is released by the supplier at the end of February 2024, you’ll be able to buy Mounjaro in the UK from certain pharmacies and online retailers, as well as private weight loss programmes. Thriva will begin offering a Mounjaro-supported weight loss programme in early March 2024, which will include home blood testing to track your health improvements as well as weight loss. This will be available to customers England only, in line with our registration with the Care Quality Commission.

Can I get Mounjaro on the NHS?

Mounjaro isn’t currently available on the NHS, and it’s not clear whether this will change in the near future. It may begin as a private prescription-only offering before becoming available on the NHS with much tighter eligibility criteria via specialist weight management clinics - as is the case with Wegovy.