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How sleep supports your health

Good quality sleep is essential for supporting many areas of your health. It provides you with energy, supports your immune function, repairs damage, and promotes better mental wellbeing.

If you regularly don't get enough sleep, it might affect your:

  • hormone production
  • immune function
  • mood and mental wellbeing
  • memory and concentration
  • weight

Over time, it might increase your risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes.

What can this test tell you?

This finger-prick blood test measures a range of factors that can affect how well you sleep. For example, poor sleep is sometimes linked to a nutrient deficiency or an issue with your thyroid function.

What's included in this test?


Vitamin D

Vitamin D supports your bone, muscle, and immune health. Low vitamin D levels are linked to worse sleep quality and a higher risk of sleep disorders, like insomnia and restless legs syndrome.

Note: If you have sarcoidosis (an inflammatory disease) or a condition that affects your parathyroid glands (these regulate calcium in your body), it can make it difficult to interpret your vitamin D results. So in this case, it's best to work with your doctor and get specialist input.



A ferritin test measures the amount of iron stored in your body — it's a useful way to check for iron deficiency anaemia. If you're deficient, it can make you feel over-tired and cause restless leg syndrome, which can affect sleep.


Vitamin B12 (active)

Vitamin B12 is essential for a healthy nervous system and is thought to affect your body's biological clock. If you’re deficient, it can cause tiredness and sleep problems. A deficiency also tends to be more common in insomniacs.

An active B12 test measures the amount of vitamin B12 that's available for your body to use — so it's the best measure of your vitamin B12 status.



Testosterone is a hormone that's essential for both men and women's health. Low testosterone levels might affect your sleep quality and sleep duration.


Advanced thyroid function

Your thyroid is a gland found at the front of your neck that produces hormones. If you have a thyroid issue, it can lead to issues like anxiety, tiredness, and difficulty sleeping.

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