Take a peek at your future health

Get insights into how your blood test results might change over time with our new feature.

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Wondering how much your cholesterol can improve in 3 months? Or if your vitamin D is likely to stay optimal? Our new feature can show you how much you can expect your health to change over time.

Take out the guesswork

A vitamin D result on a graph showing how quickly can you improve your result

No more waiting

You don’t have to wait until your next blood test to see what your future results could be — get instant feedback on what you can achieve.

A list of lifestyle factors that can help you improve your results

Expert guidance

We won't just show you where you can go — we'll show you how to get there. Access evidence-based tips to help you maintain or reach an optimal result.

Powered by science

Powered by science

Powered by data from thousands of customers with a result like yours and benchmarked against the latest clinical evidence.

Our team of doctors and data scientists have brought you the best of both worlds to ensure accuracy. These insights are powered by data from thousands of our customers and benchmarked against clinical studies.
Noel (MBBS), Clinical Innovation teamNoel (MBBS), Clinical Innovation team

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Is this available for all tests you offer?

No, we've currently focused on a select number of tests — one per profile. These tests have been selected as they're highly likely to change through lifestyle factors, and are particularly good to focus on to support your health.

The tests include:

- alanine transferase (a liver enzyme) — part of liver function profile

- vitamin D — part of vitamin D profile

- ferritin — part of advanced iron profile

- folate (vitamin B9) – part of folate profile and vitamin B9 & active B12

- HbA1c — part of HbA1c profile (diabetes risk)

- hs-CRP — part of hs-CRP profile (inflammation marker)

- omega-3 index — part of omega-3 & 6 profile

- total cholesterol/HDL ratio — part of lipid profile


Where can I see this new feature?

1. Head to your latest subscription test results.

2. Under each test profile, click to see how to improve or maintain your result.