Women's health blood test packages

Take the guesswork out of your hormones with a home finger-prick blood test and GP-reviewed results.

What can a blood test tell you about your hormones?

Women's health is complex, and often underserved. But your hormones play a big role in everything from your fertility to your mood and sleep. So our range of women's health blood tests can help:

  • track and monitor PCOS
  • give you insights into your fertility
  • support your recovery after birth
  • give general insights into your hormone balance

Combined with a GP report and advice on how to improve your results, you'll have the support you need to take control of your hormonal health.

Take control of your health by understanding your hormones

Even if nothing feels very 'wrong', we all want to feel the best that we can. Understanding what's happening inside your body can help empower you to take control — so you can feel your best and enjoy optimum health.

Home blood testing kit
Accurate home testing, doctors report, and evidence-based advice

Our women's health tests

Fertility insights test £99.00

Fertility insights test £99.00

This test looks at a range of hormones and nutrients that are important for fertility. It can also check if you have a condition that might affect your fertility — like a thyroid condition.

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Post-birth test £95.00

Post-birth test £95.00

This test measures a range of nutrients that are important to focus on after birth. It can tell you if you have optimal levels of nutrients that help you recover from birth, provide energy, and promote sleep.

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PCOS test £92.00

PCOS test £92.00

Learn if symptoms like irregular periods, acne, difficulty getting pregnant, or excess body hair might be caused by PCOS. This test can also help you to monitor your hormone levels if you've been diagnosed.

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Women's hormones test £79.00

Women's hormones test £79.00

Check to see if your sex hormones are in range. And learn if an imbalance could be causing symptoms like a low sex drive or hot flushes.

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How it works

Get the insights and support you need to understand your body.

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Do your test at home

Your kit contains everything you need to do your test at home.

How to collect your sample

Get results in 48 hours

Freepost to our lab and get your results and GP report in 48 hours.

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Support your health

Access evidence-based lifestyle advice to improve and track your hormone health.

I wanted to work out what was working for me hormonally and what was not, and most importantly no longer be in the dark on my hormones! I really needed to find out where I might need extra support in my fertility journey.

Data protection

Your data is in safe hands. We use the latest encryption technologies and comply with the UK Data Protection Act 2018.

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Our blood testing kits are CE-marked, and we work with labs who are registered with the CQC.

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