Getting regular insight into your health is revolutionary, but finger-prick blood tests aren’t.

We use accredited labs and established blood testing procedures combined with the latest research in health tracking.

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How accurate are my results?

All of our tests are run by UKAS accredited labs who run validation on all tests offered on finger-prick samples, before making the tests available. This means that you can be confident that our test results will be just as accurate as you would receive anywhere else. Our labs also run tests for local NHS hospitals.

What’s the difference between Thriva and a blood test from my GP?

We use the same methodology as an NHS blood test. Blood tests at your GP or hospital are usually venous (meaning drawn from a vein, typically in your arm) and ours are finger-prick. Studies have shown both methods produce the same results. The blood sample your GP collects at the hospital could end up being tested on the same machine, right next to your Thriva sample.

Why do you need so little blood?

If you’ve had a blood test previously, you may have noticed that they collect quite a lot of blood. Hospitals and GPs often collect extra blood in case they need to run extra tests based on your results. Your Thriva test only needs a small vial of blood because we only test the things in your subscription. We collect over 400µL of blood, whilst the lab’s analysers that run these tests typically require under 100µL. Each drop of blood varies slightly and research papers put sample levels required to overcome this variation at 40µL, a tenth of what we collect.

Will my results be inaccurate if I collect my sample incorrectly?

In short, no. As long as you follow the instructions in your kit, your results will be accurate. If you squeeze your finger too hard while collecting the sample, the blood may haemolyse in the collection tube, meaning your red blood cells rupture. If this happens, we won’t be able to analyse your sample and we’ll send you a free replacement kit.

Will my results be inaccurate if the sample is delayed in the post?

Our collection tubes contain additives which help to preserve and stabilise your sample as it makes its way to our lab. This is suitable for the amount of time it would typically take to arrive in the post. Postal delays can happen, and in the case where your sample was delayed to the point where it was no longer suitable, the lab will inform us and we will send a free replacement kit. There are some biomarkers which are known to change in the time between being collected and tested and so we do not offer tests that include these.

We take security very seriously and work hard to make sure you have complete control over your data