Our view on healthcare

We believe in a personalised and holistic approach to health. We want to help improve everyone’s health and increase the number of years you live in a healthy state.

The burden of chronic disease

Preventable, long-term conditions are the largest cause of illness and death in the UK — this includes chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Currently, most services detect and treat these diseases, and they’re under huge pressure.

Because many of these diseases are strongly related to lifestyle factors, we can often prevent them from happening in the first place — helping to keep us healthier for longer. In fact, 80% of chronic diseases are preventable.

Life vs health expectancy

Source: Office for National Statistics

The development of diseases

We often don’t think about age-related chronic diseases, like heart or bone disease, until later in our lives. But evidence shows that many of these diseases can start developing decades before they become serious. For example, raised cholesterol in people as young as 20 years can indicate an increased risk of heart disease later in life — which is why national guidelines recommend measuring your cholesterol levels regularly from the age of 20.

If we can detect these issues early on, it means we have the power to intervene and reduce our risk.

Empowered healthcare

Health literacy is your your ability to get, read, and understand health information — allowing you to make informed decisions about your health. Currently, only 42% of working-age adults in England are health literate.

Our goal is to give you access to your own health data and information in an engaging and easy to digest way. So you can be empowered with the knowledge and tools that can keep you healthy for longer.

How can we help?

We understand how complicated health is and how unique we all are. With the power of technology and a team of qualified experts, we can provide you with personalised insights and actionable information about your body. And by supporting you to make positive and sustainable lifestyle changes, you can improve your every day and long-term health.

Our tests

We offer a range of tests that are important for your health and that you have the control to change. For example, we offer a vitamin D test because optimal levels help support everything from your sleep and energy levels to your future bone health. Plus, you can increase your levels through lifestyle changes. See all tests

Optimal ranges

Even if your blood test results are in the normal range, they might not fall in the range that’s optimal for your health and lifespan. This is why we introduced optimal ranges — evidence-based ranges that are associated with the lowest risk of disease and death. About optimal ranges

Vit D optimal range

Optimal ranges for optimal health

Free health insights

We want to make managing your health accessible to as many people as possible — which is why you can use a lot of our services for free. With the introduction of free features like health scores, predicted results, and uploading your own results, you can understand more about your health at the click of a button.

Health score

An overview of your health, for free

Personalised support

Trying to piece together each part of your health puzzle can be difficult. Using our class 1 medical software device, we can help you connect the dots. By combining all of your health information, from test results and stress levels to diet type, discover evidence-based ways to improve your health.

Your health plan

Personalised health plans


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