Track and improve your health

Get a better understanding of your health over time with finger-prick blood tests you take at home and a personalised online dashboard.


Convenient testing

Test from the comfort of your home in only a few minutes with a small, painless prick. No needles, appointments or time off required.

Results you can trust

All our tests are analysed by accredited labs and reviewed by a UK qualified doctor. We've completed over 100,000 tests for thousands of customers.

Advice based in science

Personalised advice based on your test results along with recommendations you can action. Easily track progress towards your goals.

Why regular testing is important

Cars today have dashboards that provide feedback on what’s happening out of sight. We get told, ahead of time, that things need our attention to prevent problems developing.

Thriva is the dashboard for your body.

Understand what’s happening with your health and know how to make improvements. Focus on getting the most out of your life.

Your personal dashboard

Access your secure dashboard online at any time. Track your results, view your personalised reports and get information on what things mean and how you can make changes.

How Thriva Works


Get your thriva kit

Order online and create your account with some basic information. We will then send your kit and it will arrive next day.


Perform your test

Each kit contains everything you need for your simple finger-prick blood test. When you're done, use the freepost envelope to send it back to our partner lab.


Results within 48 hours

Your full results along with a personalised report from a qualified GP will be available to access online. Track how day-to-day changes make a difference before your next test.

The results are in!

See what our nation’s health is really like and how your health compares. We’ll also send you a code so you can get 50% off your first Baseline or Advanced test. Sign up to find out.

What our customers say

We take security very seriously and work hard to make sure you have complete control over your data